Kim and Tom Adopt

Cell / Text: 516-448-3521

Toll Free: 877-297-0013


About Kim (by Tom)

Fun Facts
Parents:  Tommy & Barbara
Siblings:  Kerry, Brian, Brad & Krista
Work:  Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Play Therapist (children)

Sport to watch:  Football
Music:  Classic Rock
Bands:  Guster, U2, Billy Joel, Madonna, Journey & Van Halen
Songs:  Don’t Stop Believing: Journey, Dreams: Van Halen
Movie:  Dirty Dancing
TV Show:  Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy
Hobbies:  Biking, Hiking, Crafts, Decorating, Cooking & Swimming

If a child could choose, they would choose Kim. She is amazing in every way. She is nurturing, caring, affectionate and compassionate. But don't think for a moment there is anything that gets by her. She teaches through example and is thoughtful in her guidance. She leaves no stone unturned and will work with you until resolution, never giving up, never giving in, standing up for what she believes in and compromising where necessary. This is the amazing person I married. She is also energetic, fun, and open to trying anything at least once.


Kim chose a career in counseling psychology for children where every day she works with children. She spends her workday talking, using play techniques, and helping children to overcome challenges in their lives. I really think the career chose her because from Kim's youth, she was always the friend to those less fortunate, the supporter of the unsupported, and always helpful to those in need. Today, as one child she counsels describes, "she takes care of the kids," a rewarding and fulfilling career for a most wonderful woman who truly cares.

Imagine Kim as a mother. How lucky would that child be. Imagine this is the mother you select to love and cherish your child every day of their lives, how consoled and at ease you will feel. Your decision to make an adoption plan for your baby is a difficult choice. Kim is a choice that will make it much less so.