Kim and Tom Adopt

Cell / Text: 516-448-3521

Toll Free: 877-297-0013


About Tom (by Kim)

Fun Facts
Parents:  Joe, Pat (Deceased)
Brother:  Jim
Work:  Financial Services 

Sports to Watch:  Baseball (NY Mets), Football (NY Giants)
Music:  Classic Rock
Sports to Play:  Running, Basketball
Music:  Rock & Roll
Bands:  Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Van Halen, Rush
Song:  Jungleland by Bruce Springsteen
Movie:  Caddy Shack
TV Show:  Seinfeld, Mets Baseball
Hobbies:  Cooking, running, fitness, photography, attending sporting events

I waited a long time to meet my perfect match. The day I met Tom I knew my long journey had finally come to an end. I was excited about the possibility of an amazing future. Tom is genuine, kind, loyal, calm, trustworthy, a great listener and silly. He will bring so much joy to the life of a child. He is career driven and maintains a stable job in finance for over 20 years. He is motivated to share his knowledge and experiences, be it traveling around the world for work or vacations with family and friends.


Tom is known for being able to " capture the moment". He is the family photographer and loves taking pictures during any event; birthdays, holidays, sporting events, special occasions, etc. He has made photo books for family members so they too can enjoy the memories.

Tom is the "cool uncle" to all of our nieces and nephews. They have come to him with challenging situations to help sort through; learning to drive, coaching soccer and baseball, school work, and so much more. Tom loves to plan outings with the kids taking their interests in consideration. He buys books and games for the younger kids to have fun activities during our get togethers. Tom is a mentor and supporter of so many.