Kim and Tom Adopt

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About Us

Fun Facts
Our Family
Names:  Tom & Kim
Our Dog:  Lilly
Our Faith:  Catholic
Our Heritage: Italian and Irish
Favorite Shows
Grey’s Anatomy
Dancing with the Stars
Mets Games
Favorite Places
Cape Cod
Our Hobbies

Our Journey Begins

Our paths finally met at the local Starbucks, a date set when our individual journeys to find each other brought us to the world of online dating. Our first date was spent sharing stories for hours and ended with dinner, 10+ hours of an amazing day.

We learned that day that we share loves for cooking, travel, hiking, biking, and just spending a lazy day relaxing. We learned that compromise is the key to a relationship which means attending and watching sporting events for Tom and frequenting the local ice cream shops for Kim. Our relationship is built on trust, respect, open communication, laughter and having fun together.

We also found that we love to explore new places and learn new things such as snorkeling, kayaking and hiking. Our love for nature keeps us involved in outdoor activities as much as possible. (apple and pumpkin picking in the fall, playing in the snow in the winter, planting flowers in the spring, and water activities in long island in the summer).

We love to invite family and friends to our home for events such as birthdays, holidays, big sporting events like the super bowl or a typical Sunday family day.

Our Adoption Journey

Very early in our relationship we talked about wanting a family. 
Our adoption journey began when we accepted we could not conceive a child on our own. We exhausted all of our options and came to realize building our family through adoption was our destiny.

We are so thankful of you considering us to parent your child. Please know that you will always have a special place in our hearts and your child will be forever blessed.


In the beginning

Throughout our lives, we spent a lot of time in close proximity to each other but never meeting.  Kim’s family home in Upstate New York was on the same street as a resort that Tom’s family vacationed every year as a child. We also lived in the same town in Long Island for years before meeting. There were countless opportunities to meet during walks on the beach, bike riding in the neighborhood, hikes upstate and fishing in the creek. Our paths may have crossed but we did not meet until…