Kim and Tom Adopt

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Our Family

Our loving dog, Lilly

We love taking our little dog Lilly on bike rides at several local parks in our area.  Lilly loves meeting other children and dogs on our outings and cant wait to be a big sister. When nieces and nephews are over our home, she is like another kid running around the backyard playing. During morning walks she greets the neighborhood children at the bus stop and children just melt over her cuteness.


From all we learned about each other that first day, creating a family was a priority.  Both being raised in large close knit families provided us with strong family values. Even though we do not have children of our own, our many nieces and nephews have become a big part of our lives. We often plan outings with them, taking into consideration their interests.

Kim’s family

Kim is the second oldest of 5 children all close in age so her family home was both fun and challenging at the same time.  All Kim’s siblings are married with children ranging in age from one to twenty years old. That’s seven cousins, eight aunts and uncles, two grandparents, one great grandmother, numerous great aunts and uncles and too many second cousins to count, all ready to welcome a child into our family!

Tom’s family  

Tom is the youngest of 2 children, his brother is 14 months older.  They were very close growing up and maintain that relationship to this day.  While growing up, weekly get togethers were planned with grandparents, aunts and uncles and numerous cousins. Family get togethers continue to be planned with aunts, uncles, cousins, and their children ages six months to 15 years old. They are beyond joyed to welcome another child in our family!

Extended Family

We also consider the children of our childhood friends as extended family.  We are “Uncle Tommy and Aunt Kim” to a countless number of children that we treat as our own. 

Both of our families are so excited to welcome a new baby into the family and couldn’t be happier about our decision to adopt.