Kim and Tom Adopt

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Our Family Traditions

Traditions are very important to us and have been passed down for generations. Our Italian and Irish heritage created Sunday dinners of 20 plus and holidays with an endless stream of loving family and friends. A holiday tradition passed down from Kim’s grandparents is the traditional Christmas Eve Feast. Many family members are involved in an all day preparation for the most delicious meal of the “ 7 Fishes”.  It is a treasured holiday by all and really keeps the traditions alive.  In addition, recipes have been passed down for several generations. Kim’s mother, aunts, and sisters get together for a baking extravaganza every year to recreate these treasured treats.

Family Values

This is a family that understands the importance of teaching, living life to the fullest and spending time together. Tom’s parents were active members in the neighborhood Catholic church and his father has been singing in the choir for more then 50 years. We all enjoy listening to him sing during family holidays as well as Tom’s brother who is also musically talented.  Weekend get togethers at the family home in upstate New York create many long lasting memories. We all enjoy fishing and hiking in the woods, swimming at the lake, nightly campfires making s’mores and adventurous rides through mountainous roads looking for deer.